Charity of the year, Earthworks

Introducing our new charity of the year Earthworks, a non profit charity who support people with learning disabilities, alongside volunteers, to manage 3.5 acres of beautiful eco-gardens in St Albans, through the practice of social and therapeutic horticulture.

They grow fruit and vegetables using organic methods and build wildlife habitats using traditional techniques. Over 27 years, they have transformed waste land into beautiful eco-garden; maintaining a focus on sustainability.

They offer purposeful activities and an education in horticulture, including projects such as their Gardening for Health and Growing Together, alongside onsite workshops for children and young people with learning disabilities, and the summer scheme for young adults.

They engage with our local community through theur monthly stall at the St Albans’ Farmers Market, where they sell our produce they’ve  grown in thei garden and allotments. At their seasonal events and workshops, they champion social inclusion, protection of the environment, and sustainable living.