If you are searching for a new office or industrial unit to rent/purchase, or you need to review and negotiate a new lease or you are looking at starting a career in surveying, Tim one of our chartered Surveyors can help answers some questions you might have, he explains what it means to be a Surveyor specialising in office and industrial.


A surveyor is a wide-ranging term that can apply to anyone who examines or investigates something. More specifically, and in relation to commercial property, it is a multi-faceted industry covering a wide range of professions from more traditional views of what surveying are, i.e. building surveying, to more niche areas of the sector such as planning / development and Valuation.

I am what’s known as a general practice-chartered surveyor which is a broad term, much like my role at Brasier Freeth. My key areas of expertise include the purchase, sale and leasing of commercial real estate, but in addition I am responsible for property investment, development appraisal and general lease advisory work which incorporate valuations of commercial property.

RICS stands for the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Founded in 1868 in London, the RICS are the governing body in the UK and recognised globally as one of the leading professional bodies which focus solely on the built and natural environment. We are a RICS accredited firm, this means clients who work with us can rest assured that are surveyors have a globally-recognised standard of surveying education.

There are many routes into becoming a Chartered Surveyor, all designed and assessed on your sector-specific skills, knowledge and experience. Practical training is done ‘on the job’ and there is no replacement for experience. The RICS, among others, run regular CPD conferences, workshops, seminars which not only help improve your knowledge base/skillset but can also be a good refresher for those who are already qualified. In addition, it is mandatory for all qualified surveyors to undertake a minimum amount of CPD training each year to ensure they are up to date with the latest changes in the sector.

Yes, we are uniquely placed within the market as the services we offer and clients we work with are considerably more extensive than other firms of a similar size. Our retail agency and building surveying services operate on a national level while the regional agency, valuation and professional teams have a far-reaching reputation on a local level which has seen us win multiple awards as testament, most recently having won the most active agent award in Hertfordshire for the thirteenth time in a row!

1.Get ahead – Commercial Property is an industry that moves fast, the earlier you start the process, the less likely you are to run into problems further down the line.

2.What are your business requirements & considerations – How much space do you require? Do you have a budget? Are there key dates by when you need to move? List all your requirements.

3.Think about your team needs – How do your staff travel to and from work? Do you need to be near amenities such as a town centre/public transport? What facilities do you need to offer your team on site?

4.Professional advice is vital – Chartered Surveyors have a wealth of knowledge and advice on a wide range of commercial property matters, their advice should be impartial and in your best interest. Seeking advice will save you time and money in the long run.

5.Do your own research – There are many online resources such as the RICS who recently released the ‘Code of Leasing Business Premises’ which contains useful information for tenants and landlords.

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